Jeff Manley: Faith No More’s “The Real Thing”


Cartoonist Jeff Manley and I run in some of the same circles, and sometimes that’s all you need to set up a podcast recording. He hit me up on Twitter and said he could talk about Faith No More’s “The Real Thing” for about an hour, so we scheduled a time and went from there. Being the first guest that I didn’t really know on a personal level, I was curious as to how the conversation would go, turned out to be a lot of fun.




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Thornton Mountford: Oasis’ “Don’t Believe The Truth”


Joining the podcast this week is my basketball teammate and friend, Thornton Mountford. He took it upon himself to educate me on “Don’t Believe The Truth”, an Oasis album that happens to be neither of the two that I knew existed.




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Pete The Retailer: The Chipmunks’ “Chipmunk Punk”


My longtime friend and frequent collaborator, Pete The Retailer of the Star Wars Minute podcast, as well as the Nerd Geek Dork podcast (which I co-host ) is on the show this week. He took time out of his busy schedule to walk the 75 feet from his desk to the conference room at our office, and talk with me about the groundbreaking album “Chipmunk Punk”.




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